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At Romic Consulting, we pride ourselves with quality, experience and professionality. With more than 8 years of experience in the solar industry, we aim at providing the best products at the best possible prices. Our agents and technicians are qualified and professionally trained, as to assist you with the best possible assistance and assessments.

Vision and Mission

Alexandre Edmon Becquerel, known as the father of solar power, discovered the Photovoltaic(PV) Effect in 1839. Becquerel, at age 19, discovered the PV effect while studying the effects that light have on electrolytic cells. At this time, this discovery only meant that sustainability was possible, but not yet feasible. Today, 180 years later, technology, engineering and science has made this possibility of sustainability a reality.

At Romic Consulting we believe in utilising technological, engineering and scientific advances to the fullest extent, to bring our customers only the best and newest solar power systems at the best possible prices Quality, services and customer satisfaction are synonymous with our name.

What We Offer

Firstly, we have 14 tailored Off Grid packages, which ranges from giving you the possibility to run a few lights and appliances, to total independence from the grid. Secondly, we have 6 tailored grid tied packages, which allows you to cut down on your electricity bill each month, or to help you cut your electricity bill and put electricity back into the grid. Thirdly, we do Single Phase and Three Phase systems. Our agents and technicians are professionally trained, qualified and experienced to assess and install both Single- and Three Phase systems. Lastly you are not limited to our tailored packages, you are more than welcome to create your own packages or to ask one of our trained agents to help you with creating the perfect package, just for you.

Solar Panels

We offer a wide array of solar panels to suite every situation.


A wide range of inverters from small to industrial sized


Complete range of Lithium Ion batteries


Full range of tailored on and off grid packages

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Go Solar, and give Eskom the Boot

Now, more than ever, South Africans need to limit their dependence on our current (and only) electricity service provider. It is safe to say that our infrastructure will never improve since it isn’t being maintained.  Read more…

What is Solar Power

Solar power is the use of the sun’s energy either directly as thermal energy (heat) or through the use of photovoltaic cells in solar panels and transparent photovoltaic glass to generate electricity.

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